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Complete Installation

We provide complete electric fence supply and Installation, according to your requirement. We only use high quality components and systems in our installations. Systems and structures are designed by our engineers and installed by our installation crew. 
A complete installation workflow as follows:

  1. Site survey 
  2. System and structure design, project costing, submit quote 
  3. Obtain ST approval to install
  4. Fabrication and Installation
  5. Obtain ST approval to activate
  6. Activation and hand over
  7. Maintenance and service 

Approval Process

As per the current regulations in Malaysia, every electric fence installation must be professionally inspected for safety and certified by Suruhanjaya Tenaga every two years.  We provide the this inspection and approval service. We will conduct the inspection, submit required documentation to the Suruhanjaya Tenaga and obtain the approval that is valid for next 2 years. Contact us at least one month in advance before expiry of your current approval to schedule and plan the inspection and approval process. 

Repair and Maintenance

We can repair and restore the existing electric fence systems. We can also provide continuous maintenance for the system according to your needs.

Bring Back To Life

If your Electric Fence system is faulty or haven’t been used for a length of time, we can repair and bring back to life, keeping the existing installation as much as possible to save on the repair costs. call us for free inspection and quote.   

Anti-Climb Fence

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